Higher ROI on multilingual content for global marketing, localization, technical writing, language service providers



Here's what we can already do for you today:

Terminology Management

Manage your multilingual corporate glossaries in the cloud, collaboratively

Term Search App for Windows

Look up and add terminology from any Windows application

Automatic Quality Checks

Ensure that your translations meet your requirements - automatically

Morphology Enabled

Stop wasting time on terminology checks for inflected languages

Edit Translations Online

Make changes to your translations without buying CAT/TMS licenses

Many File Formats

Work with almost any bilingual file format, including XLIFF and TBX

(soon) API Access

Use our features programmatically from your own systems and tools

(soon) TMS Integrations

Connect directly to your Translation Management System in the cloud

(soon) Business Intelligence

Measure, analyze, and benchmark your content quality over time and projects

Interested & Ready to Try?

We'll be excited to have you as one of our early adopters. Welcome!
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