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Multilingual Content Quality Management

If you are involved into producing customer-facing content in multiple languages, you know exactly how difficult this task can be:

  • Multiple people across multiple teams and even companies are taking part in this process - product managers, marketing managers, copywriters, web masters, technical communicators, engineers, PR, localization managers, translation project managers, freelance and in-house translators and linguists.
  • All of them have to work together like a well-oiled machine to brainstorm the idea, craft the messaging, write the text, review it, edit it, translate it, test it, and publish it. When done, they repeat again and again and again.
  • Be it marketing copy for your website or email campaigns, your product documentation, or your user interface text, the entire supply chain is working hard to make your content as consistent and clear as possible for your leads, customers, clients, and partners across the world - for each in their own language, of course.
  • Talking about language, you know you should have at least 10 of those. Otherwise your most important customers might be out of reach and your train leaves without you on board.

Quality Is a Constant Challenge, In Many Ways

Unfortunately, the complexity of the global content supply chain is a huge roadblock for people like you who strive to provide top-notch multilingual content to readers, customers, and community around the globe:

  • Marketing seldom knows about what Tech Comms is doing, Tech Comms don't work well with Localization, Localization doesn't interact closely enough with their Language Service Providers, and LSPs don't always try hard to make the most of their Translators.
  • Each part of the supply chain has built thick walls around itself, and they are almost impregnable from the outside. The thickest wall is between us and our end users who read the content that we have worked so hard to create.
  • No one cannot agree what good quality actually means, and how to evaluate it, and especially what aspects of quality actually matter for the ultimate customers and readers of the content. Did anyone ever ask them about it?
  • Everyone is using different processes, different tools and technologies that never talk to each other. And, since even our machines don't collaborate, how should we expect that of people?

We are Here to Help You Solve that Challenge

We are an early-stage software startup with a mission to help global businesses and their language service providers deliver higher quality content in multiple languages - together.

  • Transparent approach to defining, measuring, and improving the multilingual content quality is our mantra.
  • Breaking the walls between silos of both people AND tools, and helping the information flow freely throughout the entire global content supply chain is our goal.
  • We are building an online platform for collaboratively managing the quality of your multilingual content. Sounds interesting? Come along for a ride and be one of the first to try!

Learn about our solutions for the entire content supply chain

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